Testing a 3D printed Model rocket!

3D printed model rocketry.

I recently found another use for my 3D printrbot metal plus, model rocketry.

Thingiverse user Landru published this model:


The model was reasonably easy to print. I did a few small mods to the model, playing with the sizing slightly.



The model was printed on a Printrbot Metal Plus (dual extruder). Using 1.75mm PLA plastic.  After a little adjustment of the slicer settings, MatterControl gave a reliable, repeatable result. 20150906_132241The design is modular. There are different nose cones, body sections with or without guide tubes and different types of fincans to suit two different size model rocket engines.20150923_125524

The model proved to be amazingly robust in one sense, however the loss of the tiedown lugs above the motor, meant that the parachute and nose cone disconnected from the main body tube.


20150823_185309 (1)20150823_185223

I have remixed the model to try some different lugs and see if i can improve my chances of successfully floating the model back down under canopy.



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