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Clock using Arduino and a Freetronics DMD display.

Clock using Arduino and a Freetronics DMD display. I took one of my Ardev boards with its Real Time Clock and Temperature sensor and combined it with Two Freetronics DMD LED Displays. I also added a $15 bluetooth to serial board. By connecting via bluetooth with your smart phone bluetooth serial app, you can see…
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Arduino Development Board Version Two

Here are some pics of the second version of my Arduino Development Board. Very happy with the board, everything is working great, and its really feature packed! It has got.. An LCD, a buzzer, 2 status leds, a potentiometer, a real time clock with battery backup, a high power relay (230v 10A), 3 high power PWM…
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Weather and environmental monitoring

[caption id="attachment_362" align="aligncenter" width="584"] The homebuilt weather station[/caption] As with all electronic enthusiasts, there comes a a time when you begin to investigate sensors. It might start with a light sensitive resistor, then possibly a temperature sensitive resistor. These two are particularly simple devices. And less than a dollar each. Imagine both of the resistances…
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