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SMS – Letter Box

SMS - Letter Box I am definitely one of those people who are always receiving packages in the mail box. I can't wait to get home and see which one of my online orders have arrived. Having wanted to play around with an SMS/GSM phone shield for Arduino for ages, I have been waiting for…
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4 generations of my arduino based night/movement light.

4 generations of my arduino based night/movement light. Over the last few years I have been developing a Movement activated lighting board. I liked the idea of lighting that turned on and off by itself when you needed it. I made a LOT of prototypes over the years. I originally had a centralised system, with…
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Arduino Development Board Version Two

Here are some pics of the second version of my Arduino Development Board. Very happy with the board, everything is working great, and its really feature packed! It has got.. An LCD, a buzzer, 2 status leds, a potentiometer, a real time clock with battery backup, a high power relay (230v 10A), 3 high power PWM…
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