She’s responding to commands!













So I recently laid out another board.  It’s an attempt at another sensor light board.

The micro is down and I’ve poked it with a set of pins and she’s responding to commands.

Really fun stuff, I went for a bit more surface mount stuff this time. I have only stuck down the micro and a mosfet atm.

I hope the SMT passives all play ball.

I’ll soon find out!



On the next iteration i have already thought to avoid any pins at all and only possibly use pads for programming and outputs.



I think i will just build devices in the future without the generalist hacker in mind, more just a method i am happy to use for myself.


I see a day when i will just use the tools around to create smarter and possibly cheaper solutions to my own hardware needs, using the tools of open source software and hardware design..

So far i have a free circuit designer, a cheap board producer in china, free cad enclosure software and my own 3d printer. It should be all I need.

New Bitmap Image New Bitmap Image (2)















This maybe the future of your stuff.




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