Hacking. Making. Iterating.

Learning about all the stuff

A later version of the sensor light.

I like iterating on the same hardware. It's all about learning new things, then applying them next time you make something. Each version should get better, and more ideal. This is the sensor light, i think version 6, and I've added more surface mount components and taken some functions from hardware into software. I've taken away…
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Dji’s Phantom 3 Advanced UAS

I recently acquired one of the latest pieces of the puzzle in aerial technology, DJI's Phantom 3 Multirotor. If you haven't heard of DJI then you are new to radio control. DJI have long been around, mostly offering flight controllers and models in the UAV/camera drone arena. They are often the drone of choice for…
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Testing a 3D printed Model rocket!

3D printed model rocketry. I recently found another use for my 3D printrbot metal plus, model rocketry. Thingiverse user Landru published this model: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8754 The model was reasonably easy to print. I did a few small mods to the model, playing with the sizing slightly.   The model was printed on a Printrbot Metal Plus…
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