My Current Amateur Radio Setup

Here are some details of my current Amateur Radio rig.

I am using a Yeasu FT-897 as my primary transmitter.  This transmitter is a multi-mode, multi-band powerful piece of gear.

It can listen in from 0Mhz to about 164 Mhz. It also has a band at 420Mhz to 470Mhz.

Its capable of CW (morse), Upper and Lower Sideband, AM, FM and packet and Digital Modes.

IT can transmit at 100 Watts on the HF bands and 50 Watts on the upper bands.

It has a serial port and is easily fully controllable from a PC or laptop/netbook.  It has audio out and in.

My version has 2 inbuilt NiCad battery packs allowing fully portable operation.  It also has an optional collins filter.

I have Hooked up the radio to a netbook running Ham Radio Deluxe and digital master 780 as well as lots of other software.  I have complete control over all the radios functions both locally and via the internet.  I can do many digital modes including Slow Scan Television.

I recently also managed to score a linear amplifier, although I am not currently using it.  Its a Yaesu FL 2100b.  It has a plate voltage of over 2.4Kv and a power output capable of over 600watts.

I also have an MFJ-993B antenna tuner connected, which helps match the transmitter to the antennas when working slightly outside the antennas best resonant frequency.

I have three antennas, a Diamond X200A and endfed longwire, the Diamond BB6W and a vertical the MFJ-1793.

My current licence is the Advanced Class. And allows me powers up to 400 Watts on any of the bands allocated for use by Australian amateurs. It is the highest class of licence and allows all modes and all bands, very useful!

With this radio and these antennas I have been able to contact other radios from all over the world.  Its a very interesting and diverse hobby.  There are many organizations to help you get started in radio.  It is a hobby that spans many other hobbies including electronics, communications, RF design, even sociology.

Some links to everything are given here:

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