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3D printing, why you need one, if you make stuff.

Let me tell you why your missing out on 3D printing.. I'm pretty sure anyone reading this post already knows the 3D printers exist, and they are currently all the rage. If your a tinker, a thinker, a builder, a hobbyist, a scientist, an engineer, you would love a 3d printer, trust me. Printers can…
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Turning things on via SMS

Turning things on and off via SMS the easy way.   Have you ever wished you could turn something on or off after you've left the house? Wether you left the computer on or you want to turn your remote computer or server on, being able to remotely control your devices is handy. I have…
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Amplifying the Sine wave generator.

Amplifying the Sin wave generator. I have been experimenting with capacitors and inductors and my Sine wave generator. Building small series and parallel resonant circuits, looking at filters etc. Decided to try to boost the power output a little from my tiny DDS sine wave generator. Because its voltage at the moment is under a…
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