3D printing, why you need one, if you make stuff.

Let me tell you why your missing out on 3D printing..

I’m pretty sure anyone reading this post already knows the 3D printers exist, and they are currently all the rage.

If your a tinker, a thinker, a builder, a hobbyist, a scientist, an engineer, you would love a 3d printer, trust me.

Printers can give a lot of your projects and tinkerings that little bit extra.

I got one when the price fell below $350. I consider this the absolute upper limit for any kind of experimenting when you’ve heard of it, you know a little bit about it, but your not really sure if its kind of going to be that useful…

Why get one?

I enjoyed setting it up, playing with software and designing and printing my first items.  It wasn’t altogether that hard to get going and have a play. I would say half the fun was had right there.

Getting a few extras out of the printer..

Making custom enclosures.

Custom Enclosure

2015-01-17 21.01.28

If you build electronics, nothing beats putting it in an enclosure, be it one that you download, or a custom one you design.

Making characters.

Apollo Astronaut

Apollo Astronaut


Mr Walthersnap

Mr Walthersnap


Mr Walthersnap

2014-08-06 17.10.48

Characters are cool, they can lay around your house, reminding you of all the cool things you like. They also make excellent fun gifts to give to you fav peeps.

Making things around the house.

Toothpaste saver

Repairing things

Yaesu MH-36 Microphone Cable Entry Gland

Yaesu MH-36 Microphone Cable Entry Gland

Well i’ve invested once, and then a second time in a better printer, and I guess I have spent a fair bit more than I thought I would initially. But that’s a good thing.

2015-04-11 11.06.33


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