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If you have a 3d printer, why haven’t you built this yet?

If you have a 3d printer, why haven't you built this yet? After surfing some of the banggood/gearbest/ebay sites i saw some rod and bearing kits going for around $30 Knowing i had some control gear and spare steppers, i thought i would try designing and building an X Y plotter. A direct mounted laser…
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Making a Kick Arse PC for gaming and my HTC Vive

I recently bought a HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset. It's super cool, and I knew I wanted to build a super beefy PC as well to help me stay ahead of the curve when rendering videos, designing 3D objects, experimenting with the Vive and gaming and computing in general. So after gathering all the realy…
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She’s responding to commands!

                      So I recently laid out another board.  It's an attempt at another sensor light board. The micro is down and I've poked it with a set of pins and she's responding to commands. Really fun stuff, I went for a bit more surface mount…
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